The Day Wags On

The day wags on.  Back into the swing of things.  I was nearly manic last week – things were going quite well.  I’ve hit something of a stumbling block and it seems everything rubs me the wrong way.  I don’t feel particularly confident in the moment – maybe that’s it.  I suppose things really aren’t that bad otherwise though.

It pains me somewhat to think that I count down the days.  I think that’s a horrible way to live.

I thought recently: “there are no promises in life,” and perhaps there are many people who aren’t exactly overjoyed to come into work everyday… and… that there are no promises that one should enjoy their work… although it would certainly be nice.

I thought about spiritual well being today, and a unifying principle… however briefly.

I thought as well that I don’t exactly have to work for money… or… that I could live an otherwise comfortable life with a small annual income.  I suppose I’m still unwilling to take great financial risks…

I don’t have much else to say…

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