A Few Scattered Thoughts

It’s a little late at night – not too late, but… relatively late.

There’s noise in the next room over.  I wonder whether it’s tied to the events of the day and my mind turns a little.  I think, perhaps it is, but, I shouldn’t be concerned with these things.

I thought today that I should have went to Colombia… or rather, I wondered if my life wouldn’t be better right now, or if I wouldn’t have set myself on a better path if I’d taken that route.

Central China is a dismal place really – a jumping off point or a home base… a place to escape from, but it’s a rather inhospitable wasteland otherwise.

I think of a coming vacation and my time off work.  I wonder to what extent I’ll have to spend my “time off” working.  The next year takes shape slowly, begins to come into form… and it seems almost as foreboding as the last.  I’ll have one year under my belt… and that’ll be something.

The retrospective glance… I think how I’m captive here.  I think of where I’ll go.  I wonder about the job that I’ve done.  I know I should hold myself up to my own standards… but I also wonder whether I’m taken advantage of, whether I’ve been too accommodating at times…

Things aren’t really bad, but I do feel a little unsure of myself.  I wonder about my plans in the future.  I don’t have only one path to take… I’m holding a number of options open, relatively speaking.

I wonder what my priorities are…

… and I wonder if my neighbour is finally quiet.

It’s getting late and it seems as if it finally is quiet.  I take my rest in a rather somber way and prepare for sleep.  I feel a need to read good literature… and a little bit spiritual nourishment.

I’m happy I’m getting into better shape.

These are a few scattered thoughts.


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