A Little Summary, and a Little Lackluster

We’ll, I’ve reached the end of one year.

Packing up, I thought to myself that working life was a rather poor bargain… that after one year, I didn’t really have a great deal to show for it.  I wondered whether I improved myself in any significant or substantive way… and I couldn’t really say that I had.  I had learned some math, some physics, and I probably learned to “manage” a classroom a little better, but I can’t say that any of these things are really essential to what I might call growth.

I know I’m more employable – I suppose that’s something.  And I suppose I’ve come a little further in “establishing myself,” and then of course setting myself to start a family and have a child.  The day-in-day-out experience of it though… working a 9-to-5 seems empty now looking back.

I said goodbye to my colleagues, and I wondered to a certain extent about the kind of bonds I’ve made – and admittedly, I haven’t tried that hard to establish any lasting connections.  I’m cordial, and I guess I have some connections that are closer than others… maybe that’s not too unusual.

I’m about to head off on a trip – with a little apprehension I suppose, and some mixed feelings.

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