A Rather Aimless Post

I wonder if I’m allowed to say such things… [In response to previous title]

I thought earlier about sharing my website with a few close friends, but I wonder how that might alter the trajectory of this project.  To be free, or to simply say outrageous things… that’s not entirely the goal.

By the way, if you stumbled upon this page hoping for an answer to the above question, I would say “yes, likely,” but the post offers no empirical evidence, anecdotes, and… doesn’t really deal with the question.

I don’t have much to say today… I linger on in a rather aimless way, to and fro, halfheartedly, killing the time until I can… live a little more freely without any great pangs of guilt for having squandered the day.  So I squander with it in a meandering way, by meandering… keeping myself distracted and keeping ennui at bay.

At times I’ve often turned to visceral pleasures when I’ve been bored and hollowed out.  It’s such an easy rise, however fleeting and empty.  Inevitability it leaves more empty after I’ve slaked the passion or desire that drew me in such a direction… and I’m even more hollowed out.  At these times often, I just wait for nightfall and the start of a new day.  Like a little microcosm of my life perhaps, the day becomes a casualty… chasing phantoms.

How can you get people to feel the importance of a free press?  Having pushed the boundaries of this blog itself is somewhat liberating.  The above question makes me a little nervous and I wonder if it is in bad taste.  In what world would I be required to censor myself and my speech… over such a banal and otherwise undirected thrust.  Sloughing off some mild curiosity that might itself attract a few million hits on major search engines annually.  Experiments in freedom.  I think that’s valuable in itself. Of course, what risks am I taking, and when would I pull back.  Answer: at the slightest risk…

I could spend much of time trying to explain myself, of apologizing in advance… and I think that’s a horrible thing.

I’d rather not talk politics.  It’s not possible to talk politics.  Something will have to give however.  If there isn’t anger it’s a general malaise.  If you came here for solutions, the post offers no empirical evidence, anecdotes, and… doesn’t really deal with the question.

Grande politics vs. the hedonist… vs. Max Stirner and the band of egoists.

I thought of changing the title to “Title Redacted” but I think I’ll leave it as it is. [Edit: I did end up changing the title]

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