Another Post

I know, I know, another post – it’s hard to believe.  Not many people are reading these anyways, and that’s probably the understatement of the day.  But I feel the urge to write at any rate, maybe to ease my mind – and so here I am.  I’m not exactly consumed by anything at the moment, only agitated.  In a sense I’m waiting for sleep to once again take me, and to soon greet a new day where I might be refreshed and start the “real work” that lies before me.  “Keep on keepin’ on” I once heard a wise man say.  It’s difficult to take myself seriously.

I’m happy in the moment, I can say that.  I’m happy to have a blog and to write.  To share my thoughts and to spread them, or make them known to the world.  It’s comforting in a way, even though at the moment I have a very small audience (maybe this takes the cake as the understatement of the day!).  I expect one day to have readers, and the thought that even a few people might read one of these posts, and commiserate – feel a sense of belonging or recognize a shared affinity – is enough.

So things are good, at least in the moment, and I am happy.  It’s good to have something I think, where you feel some competent and able.  I wonder as well if that doesn’t make you fragile and vulnerable as well – as if this might serve as a prop that could easily be knocked down.  I don’t mean to speak in platitudes or turn to sophisms, but life is full suffering.  I’m reminded of the Buddhist idea of samsara – a fixation or attachment to worldly desires and the impermanent.  Life is full of suffering.  That’s hardly a fitting end to the post.  I suppose I could add: “that need not make us sad”.

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