The hosting company that I used has it stipulated that they have the right to terminate the contract if it is found that the site contains written word of a sexual nature.

I wanted to see if I could say the word “cunt” here, or if I could quote a passage form Henry Miller or Georges Bataille…

What draconian censorship.  Although I wouldn’t hope to goad the best, I hope it’s just hot air.  I would like a hosting company that supports first amendment rights, and it’s hard to believe that we’re still having this debate today… that censors can still come down on content that appeals to “prurient interest”.

“Your god-damn right my content has no redeeming value, and I aim to keep it that way.’  To which the likely reply might be, in a cold, mechanical, steely bureaucratic tone “I’m sorry ma’am, but these are policies.  We regret to inform you that we can no longer do business with you”.

I don’t know who would come away with a clean conscience…

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